About Me

My mission: Helping individuals, groups, and organizations catch clear, shared vision for ministry
My purpose: Developing meaningful relationships that build up the Body of Christ
My core values: 1) Christ-Centered 2) Creative 3) Storytelling
I am an ordained Elder in Full Connection and my membership is in the Oklahoma  Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.
I currently serve as the senior minister at the Wesley United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City and have served First Methodist in Moore, OK and First Methodist in Lexington, OK.
I enjoy story-telling and creative communicating; sacred music, piano, and voice; reading and writing; and cooking and traveling as a family.
I am blessed with a wife, Aly, two children, and two much-loved dogs.
Enneagram: 3w4 (The Achiever, stresses to a 9, leads healthily to a 6)
DiSC: iD (The Organizer)
MMBI: INTP (The Architect)
True Colors: Green, Blue, Gold, Orange

One comment

  1. I’m mesmerized by your Dec. postings which I’ve just discovered. I pray for
    your continued growth and ministry!!

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