About Me

My mission: Helping individuals, groups, and organizations catch clear, shared vision for ministry
My purpose: Developing meaningful relationships that build up the Body of Christ
My core values: 1) Christ-Centered 2) Creative 3) Storytelling
I am an ordained Elder in Full Connection and my membership is in the Oklahoma  Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.
I currently serve as the Lead Pastor of the Lost Creek United Methodist Church and the Oak Park Retreat Center in Perkins and Stillwater, OK and have served First Methodist in Moore, OK and First Methodist in Lexington, OK.
I enjoy story-telling and creative communicating; sacred music, piano, and voice; reading and writing; and cooking and traveling as a family.
I am blessed with a wife, Aly, two children, and two much-loved dogs.
Enneagram: 3w4 (The Achiever, stresses to a 9, leads healthily to a 6)
DiSC: D (The Organizer)
MMBI: INTP (The Architect)
True Colors: Green, Blue, Gold, Orange

One comment

  1. I’m mesmerized by your Dec. postings which I’ve just discovered. I pray for
    your continued growth and ministry!!

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